About Us - What are the benefits of ICAB MLA

Accreditation bodies around the world, which have been evaluated by peers as competent, have signed an arrangement that enhances the acceptance of products and services across national borders.

The purpose of the arrangement, the ICAB Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA), is to ensure mutual recognition of accredited certification between signatories to the MLA, and subsequently acceptance of accredited certification in many markets based on one accreditation.

For Business - ICAB MLA provides businesses that are procuring products and services with greater confidence in their consistency of quality. Businesses can therefore select suppliers from further assurance that they will receive products and services that conform to a recognised standard.    

For Manufacturers - Having products assessed and certified as conforming to a particular standard allows manufacturers and service providers to distinguish themselves from less reputable suppliers, thereby creating a competitive advantage. The ICAB MLA ensures that standards, specifications and conformity assessment methods are the same, allowing one certificate or certification to be recognised around the world. This lowers the cost of accredited certification and reduces the risk of products or services being rejected by international trading partners.

For Consumers - Consumer confidence can be gained from goods or services that bear a mark or carry a certificate of conformity. The ICAB MLA ensures that such goods and services placed on the market, from which ever country of origin, meet standards of quality and safety.