About Us - ICAB Programmes

ICAB has programmes to :

Develop guidance, rules and procedures for the operation of accreditation, certification / registration and mutual recognition programmes resulting in "Harmonizing the world”

Ensure that all accreditation body members operate to the highest standards of competence and probity and only accredit bodies that have demonstrated that they are competent and impartial

Harmonise accreditation procedures and their implementation based on international standards and guides, and ICAB guidance on their application

Develop guidance, rules and procedures for the operation of specific sector conformity assessment schemes to meet the needs of specific industries

Exchange information between accreditation bodies

Cooperate in the training of assessors and other personnel

What is the ICAB Development Support programme ?

The ICAB Development Support programme includes workshops, seminars and specific training programmes for the staff members of emerging accreditation bodies. The ICAB also provides expert advice and encourages staff from emerging bodies to observe experienced staff from other accreditation bodies conducting assessments.